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The wildest, most frantic and most fun online RPG.


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Darkblood is an online multiplayer action roleplaying game that, unlike the other games of this sort that try to copy as close as possible games like World of Warcraft, tries to be more like Golden Axe. . . and it succeeds.

This can be seen from the first moment when you realize that the combat system, rather than being controlled by the mouse and employing a series of keyboard shortcuts assigned to skills and potions, is controlled exclusively via the keyboard. You use the movement keys to move your character and then you hit several buttons. This way you can not only confront your enemies, but also punch out combos.

All this will happen whenever you are in a dungeon or a battle zone. When you are in a town you can get missions from the NPCs, chat with the rest of the human players, buy weapons and equipment from the game's vendors, and ultimately, socialize.

Of course after you socialize, and when you reach level ten, you can challenge other human players to PVP combat (player vs. player) in closed battle arenas, into which two will enter and only one will come out alive. The best is that it depends for the most part on personal ability (with no levels, skills, or equipment), so it will be your reflexes that determine the outcome of these duels.

DarkBlood Online is different than the rest of the games in the online roleplaying genre, as it places much more importance on the combat system and offers a much more direct and enjoyable experience than what you are accustomed. Graphically, it is still spectacular, and will show dozens and dozens of enemies on the screen.
By Álvaro Toledo
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